The Bible tells us:

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…“
Prov. 29:18

Brethren, the God that we serve is a God of:

  • Plan
  • Purpose
  • Objectivity
  • Design


Holy Ghost Fire Revival Ministries e.V  was founded by Pastor Joe Danquah in 2010.  Our beloved Pastor was given a vision to set up a church for healing, and empowering people spiritually and through education.   Since its inception 7 years ago, we have already seen transformations in the lives of many of our church members and its subsequent positive contribution to the community.



It is the mission of HGFRM to bring the experience of God to the wider community.  We would like to take it who are much in need i.e. old people´s homes, children´s homes, hospitals, prisons, ex-prisoners, alcohol and substance users, Homeless, Asylum seekers.