The HOLY GHOST FIRE REVIVAL MINISTRY comprises of VARIOUS d to aid in your spiritual growth DEPARTMENTS that are designed and walk with God.

Being great at HGFRM means getting involved in service, doing your best at it knowing that your service is to your Lord Jesus Christ. We have a lot of avenues where you can serve, so feel free to be a part of the Lord’s workforce and join in the harvest.

For inquiries on how to get involved in any service unit, please send an email to


Men's Ministry
The Men’s ministry is a forum that is there to help coordinate and harmonise the activities of the men and fathers of HGFRM. Like all the other organs, it is there to look after the interests of all grown-up males who attend the church in diverse ways, including the social, economic and especially illuminating the spiritual sphere of their lives and activities. As a body, this organ operates within the region of providing support to the church when and where necessary.
Women's Ministry
The Women’s forum at HGFRM is an essential pillar to the body of Christ. To the extent that women make more than half of the church membership, EG remains vital to the business of God in various respects. First of all, their weekly meetings which help to solemnise the culture of divine fellowship is priceless in the sight of God and the church of Jesus Christ. Moreover, the intercessory prayers, also on a weekly basis, go a long way to magnify and render permanent the presence of the Holy Spirit who is the One that has been sent to comfort us, as well as to intercede for us by perfecting and channelling our prayers according to will of the Father. Besides, the ministry gets to benefit immensely from the dazzling panoply of talents and skills which our ladies have to offer in the house of God. EG is headed by the First Lady of Holy Ghost Fire Revival Ministry—Mama Nancy Danquah; and she is assisted in this role by Mama Nana Enaihor.
Ushering Department
One of the greatest gift to the church of Christ through the Holy Spirit has been the formation and consolidation of the Ushers’ Department. Brethren, the need for law, order, decency and tidiness, including respect for one another in the house of God is of great import. In this regard, it would be fair to say that the ushers have been instrumental in delivering on this promise with unexpected outcomes.
Youth Ministry
The purpose of the Youth Ministry need not be overemphasised. The fact that the ranks-and-file at HGFRM are chiefly made up of immigrant families means that the youths of the church of Jesus Christ found it worthwhile to constitute themselves into a body under the custody of the Holy Spirit for protection and guidance. Meeting each week to learn and share the Word of God with one another, this group also helps in sustaining the mandate of the ministry. With regards to the church’s evangelistic efforts, the youth play a rather significant role in terms of our apostolic outreach.
Media Department
Lights, camera, action! We oversee the video coverage of all the programs in church:  It’s good, technical work and is a great ministry to be a part of! We minister God’s word and message of hope by providing and  MULTIPLYING informational resource materials and church literature using the latest digital platforms available at our disposal as well as tracts and other publicity materials. We manage HGRM online followers on our various social media platforms. Aware that there are many people who do not know Jesus online, we are missions focused team driven to spread the gospel as far as technology will let us.
Children Department
Looking at the church as one global harvest in the Lord, the Children’s Ministry is like the cherry on the cake! This is because children are the seeds planted by God to germinate and blossom into the future. As a matter of fact, the Children’s Ministry is the churcher’s trail blazer, ushering the church into a new and glorious future foreordained by God. As a heritage of God, children offer hope to their parents in particular, and to the body of Christ as a whole. They epitomise a future of blessed assurance in faith and glory. The church is served in this domain by Mama Nana Newton.
Our mission is to rise end time army for Jesus Christ and we are moving on the direction by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Soul winning is revealing the love of Jesus Christ to the world.  
Sanitary / Facility Department
We oversee the church facilities and ensure they are in good condition. Our duties range from maintenance of equipment and facilities both in and outside the church auditorium to ensuring the cleanliness of the environment. We also assess health and safety risks before all services.
Choir Ministry
Our passion is Praise & worship. We are a musical ensemble of singers also known as ANOINTED VOICES , with a passion for God and music. We express our love for God through different genres of music including jazz, soul and pop etc. In every service, we lead the church into God’s presence through inspired praise and worship. If you have musical talent then use it for the Lord.
Prayer Team
James 5:16 ESV / 17 
Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.
According the word of God we are passionate about prayer and praying for one another. We have a dedicated team ready to join you in prayers. Send us a message today. Shalom.