Praise Team: upping the ante in Gospel Music Genre

Nowadays, Music isn’t just only food for love. In the hands of a frolicking orchestra, like the Praise Team in Munich, music is a scrumptious banquet, to propitiate the creator of the universe.
True, like a contemporary Psalmist, it never took the Praise Team gospel music group a long time, to grasp the place of praise and worship in the Christian ministry. It’s one of the most tenable forms of sacrifices by a Christian, to his maker.
Whilst still a nascent church choir, in the Holy Ghost Fire Ministries e.v München, the vision to inspire hope, with rendition of mellifluous gospel songs among an ecumenical assembly, became the driving force that birth the Praise Team.
According to the leader of the Praise Team, Muyiwa Abisagboola, there wouldn’t be a better time to convene a group to shower encomium on the Supreme Being. In his opinion, Praising and worshipping God collectively has a strangely inviting aroma that compels action from the Lord.
´´ the turning point in the life of the Praise Team was in 2014, when we received a mandate from God, in a vision, to organize a large assembly to praise him. It first looked like a mission impossible, considering the huge finances required of organizing a concert. Miraculously, we did beat all odds and we had a tumultuous assembly at our October 2014 and 2015 gospel music concert tagged PRAISE. WORSHIP.PRAY(PWP) ´´. Abisagboola added.
Like a colossus, within a short time and space, the Praise Team and PWP became a phenomenal success, attracting people from all walks of life, to praise the universal sovereign at all its gospel music concerts.
What is more? The Praise Team had used some occasion to demonstrate its divinely-inspired objective. By reaching out to various segments of the society, especially the downtrodden, the infirm and ailing ones. It is the will of God to save all sorts of people. Music has been a veritable tool for driving people with special needs, to God.
• In a world bamboozled with so much anxiety, the Praise Team wish to make more exploits in using gospel music to break the yoke of frustration and anguish. We are expanding our frontiers to reach out to people of diverse background, in the declaring the excellency of God, with the instrument of praise and worship